About Us

The City Law Review is a student-run law review, that operates with the support of the City Law School. Our primary objective is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. The Editorial Board is comprised of City, University of London students from all years of study and discipline.


The Law Review's Editorial Board make all editorial decisions. In regard to organisational decisions, these are the prerogative of the Law Review's Editor-in-chief, except in regard to financing and creating unprecedented operations. The City Law Review has the privilege of having an  Academic Advisory Board of academics from the City Law School, the head of which is Dr David Seymour, who offer input during the final stage of the editorial process but in a strictly advisory capacity and cannot overturn decisions of the Editorial Board.


 The City Law Review is proud to be supported by the City Law School and is published annually in March and stored at the British Library as well as the Grays Inn Library.