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Fostering student discourse and participation in legal academic scholarship since 2012.

The City Law Review (‘The Review’) is The City Law School, University of London’s peer-reviewed student publication of legal scholarship. The annual publication is managed by an Editorial Board of students from all programmes and levels of study.

All accepted pieces undergo at least three rounds of editorial review to meet The Review's standard of excellence. This includes reviews by the editorial team and the Academic Advisory Board of faculty at The City Law School, led by Dr David Seymour.

The history of The Review can be dated back to early iterations of legal publications as ‘The Gavel’ 2012/2013 and the ‘City Law Journal’ 2013/2014. In 2015 the project was rebranded as the ‘City Law Society Journal’. In 2017/2018, there was extensive overhauling towards a more scholarly publication that sought to champion student academic scholarship, which culminated in 2019 with The City Law Review of today.

To honour these works, available publications are archived here alongside all Volumes.

The Review is held in collection in The City Law Library, the British Library, and the Gray's Inn Library Collection. It is also indexed with ISSN, here on our website, in the Gray's Inn Library catalogue, and with HeinOnline.


Volume IV - Piece in Focus

'There is widespread dissatisfaction amongst prosecutors and academics with regard to the inability of the law to differentiate between incompetent doctors and those who make momentary mistakes. Because the law disregards defendants' moral culpability, it is overly harsh on those defendants who make unintentional errors when under pressure and trying to do their best for their patients.'


By Lara Ozyer, Volume IV, 2022.

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