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Don't plagiarise!

We are very strict about this because we believe in academic integrity. By the way, what's the point? You have amazing ideas. Instead of an echo chamber, we are looking for people who know their stuff. Clever cookies driving judicial change.

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Top tips in writing a blog entry:

1. Short and spicy - you don't want to drown the audience in blocks of impenetrable text (this sentence is an irony);

2. Please be sure of your facts - readers rely on you for their accuracy!

3. Organise your entry! Try not to ramble. One paragraph, one idea.

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Those which are accepted and published before 1 March 2024 may be included in the hard copy of the Main Issue to be made available during the Annual Launch Event in March 2024.

The same submission guidelines apply here - but we generally welcome shorter pieces, i.e. min. 500 and max. 3,000 words in length. Submissions will be put in either of the categories listed.

We aim to get back to you with a decision within 2 weeks of receipt.

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